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N-type granular silicon prices fall, transaction slump

The past week saw a decline in prices for n-type granular silicon, ranging from CNY 59/kg~ 62/kg, with an average of CNY 60.1/kg, marking a 1.15% decrease compared to the previous week.

However, no transactions were reported for other n-type materials, mono recharge, mono dense, and mono popcorn.

Compared to prices on March 20th, the downward trend continued specifically for n-type granular silicon this week, while other silicon materials had no updated prices.

Insights from Solarbe reveal a sluggish market for polysilicon recently, with wafer manufacturers showing minimal willingness to sign new deals. Instead, they are more inclined to renegotiate previous orders.

However, leading polysilicon companies have yet to adjust their prices, leading to intense negotiations between both parties.

According to industry insiders, polysilicon inventory in China has exceeded 100,000 tons, with a significant increase in n-type materials, leading to a drop in market demand.

Looking ahead to the second quarter, with the gradual commissioning of new n-type production capacity, polysilicon prices are expected to further decline.

In the wafer sector, prices continued their downward trajectory this week. Despite some wafer companies planning production cuts, overall wafer inventory levels have increased, exacerbating short-term supply-demand imbalances and putting further pressure on wafer prices.

As for solar cells and modules, prices remained relatively stable this week.

Influenced by upstream price reductions, there was a slight fluctuation in cell prices, while the momentum for module price increases slowed down.

Data from China’s National Energy Administration shows that from January to February 2024, China’s domestic solar installations reached 36.72 GW, marking a year-on-year increase of over 80%.

With demand driving up, it is anticipated that module production in April will continue to rise, leaving room for price negotiations in the future.


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