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N-type silicon sees first price drop of the year

The transaction price of n-type granular silicon has dropped for the first time since the start of this year, revealing changing supply and demand dynamics in the upper stream of the solar sector.

This week saw a general decline in polysilicon prices compared to March 13th, as per the data released by China’s Silicon Branch.

Notably, n-type granular polysilicon witnessed its first drop of the year, falling by 1.94%. While p-type polysilicon prices remained steady, there was a slight shift in transaction focus towards lower prices.

Polysilicon TypePrice Range (CNY/kg)Average Price (CNY/kg)Average Price (USD/kg)Weekly Change (%)
N-Type Granular Silicon60-6360.88.44-1.94%
Mono Recharge55-6462.88.710%
Mono Dense53-62608.310%
Mono Popcorn50-5955.97.740%

Insights from Solarbe suggest that the polysilicon market this week was relatively quiet, with some orders still pending. The recent price inversion between n-type and p-type wafers has led to increased demand for high-quality p-type polysilicon.

However, polysilicon manufacturers have yet to adjust prices, resulting in limited transactions and a gradual buildup of inventory. Expectations for future price reductions are high.

Wafer Prices Drop

This week, wafer prices experienced an overall decline. Faced with significant inventory and cost pressures, some wafer manufacturers have started adjusting their production schedules.

Feedback from industry players indicates that accumulated wafer inventory has reached 4 billion pieces. Despite a gradual recovery in demand, there is a noticeable downward trend in wafer transaction prices.

Cell, Module Prices Steady

Prices for cells and modules remained stable this week.

In recent tender projects, some module manufacturers have tried to increase prices. However, overall, sustaining continuous price hikes for modules is proving challenging.

As we move into the second quarter and temperatures rise, the gradual roll-out of large-scale ground-mounted projects in China is expected to significantly boost market demand, positively impacting prices across the entire industry chain.


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