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New tracker design for steep slopes

Spanish company Axial has introduced its fourth-generation solar tracker, the AxialTracker SlopeSync. The new design combines homokinetic technology with a cardan system to offer synchronization on challenging terrains.

The AxialTracker SlopeSync is designed for utility-scale PV installations in difficult terrains, such as steep slopes and irregular gradients. The new tracker aims to improve durability and reduce installation times, making it a practical solution for large solar projects.

Ramón González, Axial’s Director of Engineering, explained, “SlopeSync technology allows each section of the torsion tube to have a different slope. This increases tolerances while maintaining performance, eliminating the need for precise column alignment and accommodating height differences of up to ±400mm between columns.”

The SlopeSync tracker offers the highest tolerance in driving alignment on the market, with up to ±400mm in both north-south (N-S) and east-west (E-W) directions, said Axial.

The design of the SlopeSync tracker also aims to reduce maintenance needs by preventing deformation of structural components. This improvement helps extend the service life of the tracker and minimize operational disruptions.

Axial has a history of innovation in solar tracking technology. Their previous model, the AxialTracker Twin, was the first double-row tracker on the market to feature homokinetic technology. The SlopeSync continues this trend by offering enhanced performance on complex terrains.

Axial will present the SlopeSync at Intersolar Europe in Munich from June 19 to 21.

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