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SEG Solar to build 2GW TOPCon module fab in Texas

Texas-based PV module manufacturer SEG Solar (SEG) on Tuesday announced plans to establish a manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas, with an anticipated annual production capacity of more than 2 gigawatts (GW). 

A 60MW ground power station project of SEG Solar in Florida, the United States.

The facility is expected to commence construction at the end of 2022 and be fully operational by mid-2023. 

The plant will be equipped with three production lines capable of producing high efficiency N type Topcon solar modules with 182mm or 210mm solar cells. 

SEG is excited to establish the manufacturing facility in the U.S., said Jim Wood, CEO of SEG, adding that the move makes sense on different levels due to the recent incentives for solar manufacturing included in the Inflation Reduction Act. 

SEG is committed to sourcing components and other materials for the production of the modules at this facility from local suppliers in the United States. 

The modules produced at this facility will be “Assembled in the U.S.” and may also be eligible for other certifications.

The plant is expected to create 500 new jobs in Houston.

Founded in 2016, SEG is based in Texas and has supplied modules for over 1.2 GW of PV projects in the States.   

By the end of 2023, SEG expects to ship more than 2GW of PV modules annually.


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