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Back-Contact Cell

What is a back contact (BC) solar cell and why is it important?

If you’re familiar with solar panels, you might have seen the grid-like patterns of thin metal lines on their surfaces. These lines are actually...

BC (Back-Contact) Cell Technology: A Breakthrough in Solar Power Generation

In the dynamic realm of solar energy, BC (Back-Contact) battery technology emerges as a pivotal innovation. This technology, pivotal in the domain of photovoltaic energy conversion, offers enhanced efficiency and augmented power output.

Unlocking the Power of Sun: The Revolutionary Impact of BC Battery Technology in Solar Energy

In the dynamic world of renewable energy, Back Contact (BC) battery technology emerges as a groundbreaking innovation, redefining the standards of solar power generation. This technology marks a pivotal shift in photovoltaic energy conversion, setting new benchmarks for efficiency and power output.

CARBON, ISC Konstanz, and CEA-INES join forces to advance next-gen PV technologies

French manufacturer Carbon has unveiled a strategic partnership with two European counterparts, the International Solar Center (ISC) Konstanz in Germany and CEA-INES in France. This...

LONGi to focus on back contact solar cell technology for next 5-6 years

Solar giant LONGi Green Energy revealed that the company is set to make Back Contact (BC) solar cells the focal point of its technological...

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