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Risen Energy’s HJT 700Wp+ Hyper-ion series starts mass production

Risen Energy, a leading solar module manufacturer in China, announced that the company has started the mass production of its 700Wp heterojunction (HJT) module—Hyper-ion...

Risen Energy awarded key certification in India for TITAN modules

Module manufacturer Risen Energy said it has been granted a BIS certification for its TITAN 132 series of ultra-high-power PV modules. Bureau of Indian Standards...

Risen Energy to add 10 GW n-type solar cell capacity

Module manufacturer Risen Energy announced last Friday to ramp up its production capacity of high efficiency solar cells by building a 10 GW factory...

Risen Energy ramps up n-type solar production

Risen Energy yesterday said in a statement that n-type cell module will be the main production of the company’s future newly added capacity and...

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