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TCL Zhonghuan raises wafer prices with n-type surging ahead at 7.24%

TCL Zhonghuan, China-based wafer giant, has announced a significant increase in the prices of its wafers, with the highest growth rate reaching 7.24%.

On August 9th, TCL Zhonghuan released its latest prices for mono wafers. Overall, n-type wafer prices experienced a larger price increase to p-type wafers.

Compared to July 29th, the price for p-type 150 μm-thick 182 mm wafers rose by CNY 0.2/pc, now priced at CNY 3.15/pc. The 150 μm-thick 210 mm wafers saw a rise of CNY 0.25/pc, reaching a price of CNY 4.20/pc. The 150 μm-thick 218.2 mm wafer registered an increase of CNY 0.27/pc, with a new price of CNY 4.53/pc.

As for n-type wafers, the 130 μm-thick 210 mm wafers are now priced at CNY 4.32/pc, while the 130 μm-thick 182 mm wafers are priced at CNY 3.26/pc. The 110 μm-thick 210 mm wafers are priced at CNY 4.15 yuan/pc, and the 110 μm-thick 182 mm wafers are priced at CNY 3.13/pc.

Similarly, China’s Silicon Industry Association reported on the same day that the price range for n-type polysilicon this week rose to between CNY 80 and 85 per kg, representing a 3.48% increase week-on-week.

This latest update reveals a widening gap between the prices of n-type and p-type polysilicon, with n-type materials seeing a larger increase compared to p-type.

This trend is also evident in the solar cell and module segments. In a recent module procurement bidding with Shuifa Energy, a renewable energy developer, the price difference between n-type and p-type modules exceeded CNY 0.08/W in the bid prices of six out of ten providers.


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