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Tongwei to inject 12 billion into 32GW high-efficiency cell facility

On March 31, solar cell manufacturer Tongwei announced its plan to expand its production capacity of high-efficiency solar cells by building a 32 GW high-efficiency silicon cell facility in Tianfu New Area, Sichuan province of China.

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The project will be implemented in two phases, with an estimated total investment of 12 billion yuan.

For phase one, a 16 GW cell facility with an investment of about 6 billion yuan will be constructed. It is planned to be put into production by the end of December 2023. The second phase of a 16 GW cell project will be launched at an appropriate time according to the agreement.

Tongwei stated that it is the company's goal and vision to build a world-class clean energy provider. The project is in line with the company's mid-term plan for the development of solar cell business to consolidate the Tongwei's market position.

The cell maker attaches great importance to R&D. It has invested a lot on next-gen technologies, such as HJT and TOPCon, and achieved desirable results. 

According to Tongwei, the company will begin the mass production of next-gen solar cells when the time is ripe.

Solarbe noticed that the investment volume per gigawatt on this project is as high as 375 million yuan (≈59.1 million USD). It is evident that the company has chosen to build an n-type high-efficiency cell facility.

As for the specific technical route, some believe that there is a better chance Tongwei will choose HJT.


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