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TW Solar claims 26.49% efficiency with nanocrystalline technology

TW Solar told investors that it has completed the development of bifacial nanocrystalline technology on its THC heterojunction production line, bringing the cell efficiency to 26.49%.

Image: TW Solar

The 66-cell solar modules incorporated with the new technology demonstrate a power output of 732.6 W, as is certified by TÜV SÜD.

To further improve the performance of its THC products, TW Solar is accelerating its R&D on copper interconnection technology. The company said it has made substantial breakthroughs in equipment, processes, and material development, and is currently progressing with gigawatt-level copper interconnect testing.

TW Solar does not solely invest in HJT technology. During the 2023 SNEC exhibition held in Shanghai, TW Solar’s CEO Liu Shuqi stated that the company intends to focus on both TOPCon and HJT technologies in their next-gen technology roadmap.

In regard to TOPCon technology, TW Solar developed the industry’s first large-format TOPCon PECVD Poly technology production line, and rolled out its Tongwei n-type passivated contact (TNC) cell products in 2022.

The TOPCon cells produced on its first 9 GW TNC cell facility have demonstrated an average conversion efficiency of 25.7% and a yield rate of 98.2%.

The company plans to upgrade the facility in the third quarter this year, further lifting the cell’s efficiency by over 0.2%.

In addition to their focus on TOPCon and HJT technologies, TW Solra is simultaneously advancing R&D in other cutting-edge areas such as all back contact solar cells, perovskite/silicon tandem cells, etc.

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