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Yingli China scores new achievements on n-type technology, planning 5 GW TOPCon cell production


Several researching teams represented by Yingli China recently has achieved another breakthrough on the n-type solar cell technology, bringing the front efficiency of the designed cell to 24.7%.

The research, key technology and application demonstration of tunneling passivation high efficiency n-type crystalline silicon cell, was a key project jointly conducted by Yingli China, Nankai University, Baoding Lightway Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd, Juli New Energy and Mingyuan Photovoltaic Technology, which applied a tunneling passivation high-efficiency n-type silicon cell structure with composite passivation structure with computer simulation design software, bringing the front efficiency to 24.7%, the first level in the industry.

The high activation rate surface doping and fine busbar preparation technology used in the experiment realized the accurate regulation of doping concentration through the research of precise doping technology, which reduced both the surface recombination caused by high concentration of interstitial doping atoms, the contact resistance, and the shielding area, while improving the filling factor and current density, provided theoretical support for relevant R&D and industrialization related projects.

According to Yingli, the project resolved the bottleneck of tunneling passivation in the industrialization of high-efficiency cells, greatly improved the cell efficiency, and reduced the industrialization cost by over 10%. Based on this result, Yingli is set to build a high-efficiency solar cell project of 5 GW per year, with an expected efficiency of 24.5% and an annual output value of more than RMB 5 billion yuan.


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