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Yingli Solar winning EUPD’s SolarProsumerAward

On June 15 local time during the Intersolar Europe, EUPD Research, an authoritative European survey agency, presented Yingli Solar the SolarProsumerAward. It is another authoritative recognition for Yingli Solar after EUPD Research’s Top Brand PV for Yingli Solar’s performance in such key PV markets as Brazil, the Czech Republic, the Middle East, and North Africa during the 16th(2023) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition in Shanghai.

Yingli Solar winning EUPD’s SolarProsumerAward at Intersolar Europe 2023. Image: Yingli Solar
Yingli Solar winning EUPD’s SolarProsumerAward at Intersolar Europe 2023. Image: Yingli Solar

EUPD Research is one of the most authoritative market survey agencies in the global solar industry, with over 23 years of experience in PV market analysis and end-user surveys. EUPD Research’s certifications and awards are based on global user surveys and feedback and cover product quality, satisfaction, and brand loyalty and recognition, which makes them highly recognized in the international market. The SolarProsumerAward is based on the professional opinion and evaluation of PV system owners in Germany on more than 22,000 PV products. It is the most direct reflection of consumer trust in products and brands. In the 2022-2023 survey, Yingli Solar stood out among PV companies to receive the SolarProsumerAward in the module category for the German market.

On the floor of the Intersolar Europe, the EUPD CEO Mr.Markus A.W. Hoehner presented the certificate to Dr. Vincent Yu, Director of National Technology Standard Innovation Base of Photovoltaic and Vice President of Yingli Solar. “This top recognition, the SolarProsumerAward, recognized Yingli Solar’s past achievements and reflects the industry’s confidence in and expectations of Yingli Solar. At a new starting point, Yingli Solar is confident to once again create a new era and share the PV dividends with global customers,” said Dr. Vincent Yu.

During the exhibition, Yingli Solar’s technical team brought the results of Yingli Panda 3.0 technology development and project application to global customers. Based on the results and advantages of 14 years’ N-type technology research and development, Yingli Solar released the Panda 3.0 series modules for sea, land, and air applications during the Intersolar Europe. With high power, efficiency, bifacial rate, and reliability, they perfectly suit different application scenarios, including marine floating power plants, distributed rooftops, and large ground power plants. By bringing more reliable and profitable N-type solutions to customers worldwide, Yingli Solar is exploring the N possibilities of PV applications.

As a leading global provider of smart PV energy solutions, Yingli Solar is recognized and trusted by third-party authoritative agencies for its excellent brand influence and product reliability. It has received many authoritative certifications, including BloombergNEF Tier1 Module Manufacturer, RETC’s Top Performer and PVEL’s Top Performer. Through 25 years, Yingli Solar has stayed true to its original aspirations. In the future, it will carry forward the mission of “Build a Green and Beautiful Homeland for All.” It will lead the development of the PV industry with advanced technology, high-quality and reliable products, and professional and efficient services, and contribute the Yingli Solar power to the global sustainability cause.


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