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“Connecting Future and Intelligence” : SOFARSOLAR puts on a show at SNEC with PV and Storage Integration

With the 15th edition of the International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition (SNEC) that took place from June 3 to June 5, SOFARSOLAR made a tremendous debut showing a full range of PV inverters, energy storage inverters and batteries while introducing new PV storage products. SOFARSOLAR also took the lead and organized the domestic SOFARSOLAR PV Storage College, while simultaneously launching the overseas SOFARSOLAR Academy, and last but not least, holding the awarding ceremony for 600W+ PV Open Innovation Ecology Alliance, which caught the attention of industry colleagues, customers and international media.

Under the theme of “Connecting Future and Intelligence: PV and Storage Integration”, SOFARSOLAR demonstrated that the integration of PV and storage has become the new trend for future energy development. Supported by scientific and technological innovation, PV and storage integration is a vital force to reach carbon neutrality. SOFARSOLAR clearly demonstrated that investing in the development of product core storage and inverter technology, combined with the application of PV storage and charging smart energy solution in family scenario, is a winning equation facilitating global energy integration, accelerating the pace of smart energy interconnection and promoting the application and development of a global clean energy.

On June 3rd, SOFARSOLAR released new PV storage inverters, including household hybrid energy storage stacker, AC coupled energy storage inverter ME50-20KTL-3PH, grid connected inverter 25~50KTLC-G3, grid connected inverter 7~10KTL-G3 as well as other PV storage products. These new innovative products not only meet the inverter needs of household, industrial and commercial power stations, but also provide more options for energy storage users.

During the press conference, Xu Tao, Chairman of SOFARSOLAR, confirmed that the company will continue to focus on green and clean energy, and help achieve carbon neutrality following the national energy strategy by keeping PV storage products as the core, and developing PV storage technology. Mr. Xu also introduced new products such as the household hybrid energy storage stacker, and pointed out the influence of this series of models in the domestic and foreign markets, demonstrating the real application of PV storage integration technology into products.

With the aim of sharing and developing the knowledge on PV storage technology, SOFARSOLAR PV Storage College, led by Xu Tao, Chairman of SOFARSOLAR, Zhong Qizheng, Co-founder and Vice President of SOFARSOLAR, Zhu Yansong, General Manager of CATL energy storage business, Han Wei, CEO of RAYSTECH, Lu Xing, Operation General Manager of Trina Solar, and Li Heyan, Founder of SOLARBE, expressed the solidity and the close relationship existing between SOFARSOLAR and its customers on the professional level.

Zhong Qizheng, Co-founder and Vice President of SOFARSOLAR, then introduced the new 25-50kW three-phase multi-channel PV grid connected inverter (Generation III) for medium-sized industrial and commercial scenarios, with 110% long-term overload capacity, 1.5 times DC overload level, and a maximum efficiency of 98.9%. The new innovative inverter can also accurately locate faults through intelligent I-V scanning function; while having a maximum current of a single string at 20A, which is perfectly compatible with ultra-high power components.

The new SOFARSOLAR 7-10kW single-phase three-way PV grid connected inverter (Generation III) for household PV scenario, has a 110% long-term overload capacity, 1.5 times DC overload level, and a maximum efficiency of 98.1%. The new inverter has a fanless design, making it quieter, maintenance-free, and more convenient for people to use. According to the latest Chinese National Energy Administration policy, the total amount of subsidy for household PV in 2021 approximates 500 million yuan, higher than industry’s expectation, and it is predicted that the actual grid connected scale of household PV this year will greatly exceed 2020. SOFARSOLAR will therefore benefits from the situation and also have a successful development in the household field.

Household hybrid energy storage stacker solution is another SOFARSOLAR innovation. Zhong Qizheng explained that this solution adopts cells of internationally renowned brand, which can achieve over 6,000 cycles, in a safer and more reliable way. Concomitantly, the modular stacking solution is also convenient for customers to install and maintain or expand the capacity when necessary.

As a major actor in the inverter field, SOFARSOLAR officially became member of 600W+ PV Open Innovation Ecology Alliance during the exhibition, and obtained the certificate issued by Wang Weiquan, Deputy Secretary General of the Renewable Energy Professional Committee of China Circular Economy Association. SOFARSOLAR will in the future continue to increase its technology R&D efforts, in order to enhance product efficiency, help customers reduce the cost per kilowatt hour and improve their revenue level, as well as strengthen peak and frequency regulation and promote power quality through energy storage system, participating in the construction of a new power system with renewable energy as the core framework.


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