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Optech cooperates with JA Solar again in 3.2GW project in Shanghai and workshop renovation project in Hefei

JA Solar and Optech recently have reached an agreement that Optech will provide module El testing equipment for JA Solar’s 3.2GW project in Shanghai and a workshop renovation project in Hefei, which will optimize and upgrade JA Solar’s production lines in the above bases, and improve the overall production capacity.

It is known that this cooperation is the second one between them after Optech provided the whole line with EL-AI software system for JA Solar 5GW project in Yiwu in July.

The further expansion of the scale of cooperation between JA Solar and Optech not only confirms the market leading position of Optech in the field of photovoltaic module end testing, but also reflects the recognition and trust of JA Solar on the comprehensive strength of Optech. In the future, Optech will continue to provide customers in the photovoltaic industry with stable and reliable high-quality testing equipment with its product technical advantages and professional service capabilities, so as to further guarantee the product qualification rate.


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