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Aiko reveals new branding and 24.27% efficiency solar modules

PV module manufacturer Aiko Solar has announced its new branding at the Aiko Night event held in Shanghai on May 25. The company’s new logo reflects its commitment to defining the next generation of solar energy with cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Aiko Night event in Shanghai. Image: Aiko
Aiko Night event in Shanghai. Image: Aiko

The new design features black, white, and orange colors, with the overlapping squares representing 29.4% of the white area, which symbolizes Aiko’s goal to bring the efficiency of its ABC technology to 29.4%, the highest for silicon cells.

Aiko’s mission is to provide the driving force for solar energy to become the main source of energy for zero-carbon societies. This goal was emphasized by Aiko’s Chairman Chen Gang during the Aiko Night event.

On May 24, Aiko showcased its latest achievement at the SNEC exhibition in Shanghai, where it unveiled its ABC single-glass modules with a conversion efficiency of 24.27%. This represents a significant milestone in the industry, as it marks the beginning of a new era where solar panel conversion efficiency has officially entered the 24%+ range.

According to Aiko’s Director of Digital Energy Products, Lu Yao, the n-type ABC series single-glass module can deliver up to 620 W of power. It is based on M10 silicon wafers with a 72-cell format design. The product has been tested and certified by TÜV Süd and TÜV Nord, two authoritative third-party certification agencies.

Aiko n-type ABC single-glass 72-cell module with 24.0% efficiency. Image: Aiko
Aiko n-type ABC single-glass 72-cell module with 24.0% efficiency. Image: Aiko

ABC technology is an innovative approach developed by Aiko that utilizes the back-contact to increase conversion efficiencty of solar cells. By placing metal grids on the back side of the cell, the front side is free from any obstructions, resulting in a higher conversion efficiency.

Lu Yao explained that as the solar industry moves towards a Terawatt (TW) era, finding the optimal balance between conversion efficiency and production costs will be critical for the next generation of solar technology.

Aiko has chosen ABC as its main technology roadmap, which has six core advantages, including full area illuminated, all c-Si atoms electricity-producible technology, all back electrode technology, all back passivating contact technology, totally Ag-free metallization technology, and whole life-cycle hot-spot risk control and power generation guarantee technology.

Based on these advantages, Aiko also launched two n-type ABC double-glass high-efficiency modules designed specifically for the distributed market at the SNEC exhibition. The 54-cell module for distributed applications delivers a power output of 445 W-460 W and has an efficiency rate of up to 23.6%. Meanwhile, the 72-cell module for ground-mounted applications delivers a power output of 605 W-625 W with an efficiency rate of up to 23.7%.

To meet the rising demand for solar products and expand its production capacity, Aiko has recently invested heavily in China.

In April 2023, the company announced that it would invest CNY 24.66 billion in a new factory project in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province and Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, which will have a combined annual capacity of 18.5 GW of solar cells and 40 GW of solar modules.

A few weeks later, Aiko announced a new investment of approximately CNY 36 billion to build a 30 GW solar cell facility and a 30 GW module plant in Jinan, Shandong Province.

Aiko’s commitment to innovation and excellence has been evident since its inception. In 2022, Aiko invested CNY1.378 billion in R&D, an increase of 112.18% from the previous year. The company has a team of 2,145 R&D staff, accounting for 23.48% of its total workforce.


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