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China puts big effort in R&D of next-gen solar cell technologies

Multiple national ministries of Chinese government yesterday jointly issued a file to further support national actions on achieving dual carbon goals through technical advancement. The...

Polysilicon supply under pressure amid COVID and power cuts in China

The supply of polysilicon may fall under pressure as manufacturers in Xinjiang and Sichuan are facing power cuts and logistic problems due to the record-breaking heatwave and the recent surge of COVID cases in several regions in China.

Solar installation blowout manifested on successive production expansion: Solarbe

Three Chinese solar enterprises, including TBEA, Wuxi Shangji Automation and Haiyuan Materials, yesterday disclosed their plans to expand production, with investment ranging from RMB...

China’s Ministry of Commerce suspends solar cell raw material export to Taiwan

As U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan during her Asia-Pacific trip, China has suspended exports of natural sand to Taiwan and halted imports of fruit and fish products from the island said in a statement released today.

Brazil to rise up as global major solar market

In 2021, Latin America's PV capacity additions increased by 44%, totaling 9.6 GW, with cumulative capacity of more than 30 GW. The region's solar...

Biden to pour $56 million into domestic manufacturing of thin film solar products

On Thursday, the Biden administration, through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) said it would spend $56 million to boost domestic manufacturing of solar...

Will silicon hoarding make enterprise a king in solar market?

In 2022, the price of silicon material did not gradually decline as expected, but hit a new high. In this special period, silicon material...

Top 10 solar inverter makers account for 82% global market share, Huawei and Sungrow taking the lead

Global top 10 solar photovoltaic (PV) inverter vendors shored up 82% of market share in 2021, increasing by 2 percentage points compared to 2020,...

Record high polysilicon prices cast shadow over solar deployment

The price hike of polysilicon has continued this week with the highest transaction price hitting RMB 300,000/MT (~USD 44,700/MT), the highest since 2011, according...

Uzbekistan released 8 prequalified bidders for 300 MW solar PV project

Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Energy has determined eight prequalified bidders for a 300 MW solar power plant to be built in the Guzar district of...
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