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China adds record 36.72 GW solar power in Jan-Feb 2024

China‘s solar power surge continues with a record-breaking installation of 36.72 GW in the first two months of 2024, as per the data released by the National Energy Administration on March 25th.

China adds record 36.72 GW solar power in Jan-Feb 2024

By February’s end, China’s total power capacity reached 2.97 terawatts (TW), up by 14.7% from last year. Solar power alone contributed about 650 GW, soaring by 56.9%. Wind power installations also saw solid growth, reaching around 450 GW, up by 21.3%.

Compared to the same period last year, the addition of 36.72 GW of solar capacity reflects an impressive growth of over 80%. This rapid expansion underscores China’s accelerating shift towards solar energy.

In 2023, China’s PV power generation capacity saw a significant surge, with newly added grid-connected capacity hitting 216.3 GW, marking a remarkable 147% increase from the previous year.

The strong momentum seen in the solar industry over the past year has continued into 2024, setting the stage for another year of record-breaking growth in newly installed capacity.


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