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DAS Solar won several awards at the Solarbe Solar Industry Summit & Awards 2024

Solarbe Solar Industry Summit & Awards 2024 took place in Suzhou, Jiangsu. Due to its exceptional strength in n-type technology, DAS Solar won awards for “Most Influential Solar Cell Company” and “Most Influential Photovoltaic Module Company.” The Mengjiawan 150MW photovoltaic project received the “Most Influential Photovoltaic Project” award, while the N-type 4.0 rectangular module won the “Annual Flagship Product” award.

DAS Solar won several awards at the Solarbe Solar Industry Summit & Awards 2024

As a N-type leader, DAS Solar is dedicated to continuous exploration and rigorous research in N-type technology, consistently surpassing industry standards in cell and module efficiency. DAS Solar has developed the TOCon 4.0 Plus high-efficiency solar cell that boasts an efficiency of 26.36% and an open-circuit voltage of 742mV, breaking the world record again for this type of cell. In the sustainable photovoltaic ecosystem, DAS Solar has jointly launched the Initiative on Standardization of Rectangular Silicon Wafer Module Dimensions with several leading industry enterprises. With the same design, a 30W increase in power output was achieved with the N-type rectangular modules introduced in late 2023, which reduced both system BOS costs and LCOE. Leveraging advantages such as high efficiency, high power, low attenuation, and high reliability, DAS Solar’s N-type rectangular modules offer global customers a reliable assurance of long-term optimal value.

DAS Solar won the Flagship Product Award at Solarbe Awards Ceremony 2024

Specially, Mengjiawan project is located in Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, with a DC-side installed capacity of 182MW. It consists of 34 subarrays, each occupying 28 acres per 10,000 kilowatts. The land per 10,000 kilowatts of this project is the smallest among centralized photovoltaic projects in the northern region. Mengjiawan’s project features groundbreaking 2,000V modules. Over the course of its 25-year operational period, this PV plant has generated approximately 29,887,000 kWh of electricity after officially connecting to the grid and generating electricity. It can operate full-load for 1,640 hours annually, reducing carbon dioxide by 278,000 tons and saving standard coal by 94,100 tons. It contributes to local ecology and sustainable development.

In the future, DAS Solar will continue to focus on technological innovation, making continuous efforts in differentiated areas such as lightweight modules, flexible brackets, and comprehensive solutions.


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