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DAS Solar expands global footprint with new subsidiary in Australia

China-based solar module producer, DAS Solar, said it has recently expanded its operations by establishing a subsidiary in Sydney, Australia. This move is aimed at facilitating the company’s entry into the Australian market and providing local customers with greater accessibility to their products and services, said the company in a statement.

DAS Solar expands global footprint with new subsidiary in Australia

Following the establishment of its German subsidiary earlier this year, DAS Solar’s expansion into Australia marks another step in its internationalization efforts.

Recognizing Australia as a significant region for global growth, DAS Solar introduced its widely acclaimed DAON series all-black modules to the Australian market in the first quarter. These modules have gained popularity among local users due to their efficiency, reliability, and design.

The DAON series modules have received certification from Clean Energy Council (CEC) in Australia, whose commendation has secured DAS Solar a position on the CEC’s list of approved products, making them highly sought-after in various application scenarios, including residential rooftops, commercial buildings, and utility-scale installations.

The establishment of the Australian subsidiary acts as a foundation for DAS Solar’s future market expansion within the country, said DAS Solar.

As part of their strategic plans, the company aims to gradually develop a comprehensive distribution, warehousing, and logistics network in Australia. This infrastructure will enable DAS Solar to effectively respond to diverse market demands while offering competitive pricing for their products and services.

Australia, being the sole nation occupying an entire continent and graced with abundant sunlight, holds the highest per capita solar installation capacity globally.

In addition, due to the country’s vulnerability to climate change, the Australian government has prioritized the solar installations, implementing a range of supportive policies that foster its growth.

Leveraging these favorable circumstances, DAS Solar has proactively pursued opportunities within the Australian market, considering it the next logical step after their first venture overseas.

Throughout this year, DAS Solar has actively targeted overseas markets by showcasing their n-type module products and all-scenario solutions at major international solar energy exhibitions in countries such as Japan, Egypt, and Germany.

DAS Solar has been listed the 9th on the module shipment ranking for H1 2023 released by Solarbe Global on Tuesday.


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