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EU to create a competitive solar manufacturing ecosystem

The letter sent by the specific organization sets out 8 key points around the need for the speed of implementation and overall support approach required in this rapidly growing market, making the framework extremely attractive.

EU to create a competitive solar manufacturing ecosystem
EU to create a competitive solar manufacturing ecosystem

The ESMC applauded European Commission for addressing issues of strategic importance to Europe by creating the European Solar Photovoltaic Industry Alliance (the Alliance). The framework introduced by the European Commission in the EU Solar Energy Strategy responds to the continuous requests of the European community of solar energy manufacturers.

ESMC welcomes the upcoming Alliance, which is a timely and necessary step to address the key challenges facing the solar PV manufacturing industry.

“It is now a cornerstone in the development of a competitive European PV manufacturing industry across the entire PV value chain and ensures PV deployment is in line with the ambitious targets described in the EU Solar Energy Strategy,” emphasizes Dr. Johan Lindahl, ESMC Secretary General.

The Association welcomes the increase of the European PV manufacturing target from 2025 to 30 GW of the entire value chain, consistent with the previous recommendations of ESMC. However, ESMC strongly recommends further increase, with the goal of reaching 80 GW photovoltaic production by 2030.

As a key objective of the Alliance, ESMC believes that the cumulative effect of the European PV ecosystem incentives developed by the Alliance should be equal to, or as close as possible to, non-EU manufacturers. It is about creating a framework to make the operating cost structure of the entire European PV value chain globally competitive. ESMC believes that there is an urgent need to create appropriate incentives for the expansion of photovoltaic manufacturing capacity in Europe.

Supporting policies are a pillar of the competitiveness of the European photovoltaic industry. ESMC’s recommendations include the need for a faster and stronger European response than the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), with the aim of balancing competitive conditions and taking into account operational costs and capital support measures that would benefit new and existing photovoltaics.

There are significant investments in manufacturing projects. In front of the US IRA, European photovoltaic construction needs an immediate response.

The ESMC proposes specific support measures, such as the creation of a special €20 billion financial instrument to accelerate and reduce investment risk, effective procurement agreements for local production, compliance with EU rules on Labour law and rule-making, hidden subsidies, carbon dioxide footprint and circularity.

All of this is to spur innovation and speed up the licensing process for photovoltaic energy deployment and the construction of photovoltaic energy manufacturing industry plants. The implementation of these measures should be reflected in a concrete Union action plan that provides clarity and confidence to European photovoltaic manufacturing industry developers and investors.

On 9 December, the Alliance will receive the full support of ESMC in the framework of its launch conference in Brussels. European photovoltaic manufacturers have been invited to participate in this important event. Registration is available on the European Commission Union website.
ESMC currently has 50 members and is the organization representing the interests of the photovoltaic manufacturing industry in Europe.

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