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Europe’s largest TOPCon PV Plant powered by 154.4MW of Astronergy’s modules

A total of 154.4MWdc of ASTRO N5 TOPCon PV modules have been delivered to Germany to materialize Europe’s largest TOPCon PV plant in Döllen.

Europe's largest TOPCon PV Plant powered by 154.4MW of Astronergy's modules--Solarbe Global
Astronergy ASTRO N TOPCon modules. Image: Astronergy

The ASTRO N series, which pioneered the mass production of n-type TOPCon PV modules, gained worldwide attention after signing the first project with 355MWdc in Australia. The Döllen PV plant is another step forward in introducing n-type TOPCon technology to the global market, powered by Astronergy’s ASTRO N5 series.

The Döllen PV plant, financed by the CEE Group and developed by Antlike Solar, will sell the energy on a PPA basis and aims to take on part of the responsibility for climate stabilization, energy rate reduction, and power independence. The Döllen PV project is currently one of Germany’s largest open space PV parks.

After grid connection in 2023, the PV plant will supply over 150,000MWh of green electricity per year.

“The new solar park at the Döllen site impresses with a nominal output of 154.4 MWp and at the same time illustrates the potential of renewable energies as a central component of the energy transition,” said Detlef Schreiber, CEO of the CEE Group.

Astronergy’s Head of Project Business Europe, Timo Franz, added that CEE is strongly committed to delivering green energy across Europe. They were delighted to provide them with their new high-efficiency n-type TOPCon PV Modules for the execution of their project as well as their trust in their quality and partnership.


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