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GoodWe opens first production facility outside of China

GoodWe announced the opening of its first overseas manufacturing facility in Haiphong City, Vietnam, on March 11th, marking a significant milestone for the company.

GoodWe opens first production facility outside of China

The facility, spanning 14,800 square meters, is GoodWe’s first production base outside China and its maiden venture into Southeast Asia.

With existing bases in Jiangsu province and Anhui province of China, this expansion strengthens GoodWe’s ability to serve its global customers.

The Vietnam factory focuses on producing core products like energy storage inverters and grid-tie inverters, with a capacity to produce 180,000 units annually.

The Vietnam factory inherits GoodWe’s over-a-decade-long experience in inverter manufacturing and upholds its strict quality standards.

GoodWe operates 11 overseas subsidiaries and over 20 customer service centers worldwide, said the company. The Vietnam factory’s commissioning represents a major step forward in GoodWe’s globalization strategy.

Chairman Huang Min expressed the company’s dedication to customer-centricity and value creation, emphasizing its commitment to providing localized services to customers worldwide as it continues its global strategic development.


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