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Tender results show potential rise in module prices

On March 11th, Shenzhen Shenran Clean Energy opened bidding for a bulk purchase of PV modules, indicating possible changes in the solar market.

The bidding, totaling 300MW without specifying p-type or n-type modules, saw bids from nine companies, averaging between 0.858 to 0.905 yuan/W.

Notably, three companies bid exactly at the upper price limit of 271.5 million yuan, indicating a trend towards higher prices. This suggests module manufacturers are looking to boost profits amid rising production costs.

Recent increases in production capacity have led major module manufacturers to raise prices. However, it’s unclear how these higher prices will be received by end-users.

In the short term, fluctuations in prices along the supply chain are expected as upstream and downstream players negotiate. The rising popularity of n-type products may support further price increases, depending on market dynamics.


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