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Iran launches bidding for 4 GW solar projects


Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization of Iran (SATBA) recently has launched a tender for the deployment of 4 GW of photovoltaic capacity. The agency hopes to choose a solar project proposal with a maximum of 10 MW from domestic and foreign investors. The selected projects will receive construction permits and fixed tariffs.

SATBA said that at present, more than 80 GW of renewable energy projects have been submitted for review by private investors, which may all compete in procurement activities.

The bidding is known as part of a plan recently announced by Iran's Ministry of Energy, which will install 10 GW of renewable energy capacity in the next four years as part of the overall strategy to deploy 30 GW of power generation capacity.

The country's installed capacity of renewable energy is about 1 GW, of which solar energy accounts for about 456 MW. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, the country installed about 26 MW of new photovoltaic capacity in 2021, 50 MW in 2020 and 90 MW in 2019.


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