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Austria’s fully set to achieve 1 GW solar this year


Austria has launched subsidies application on photovoltaic equipment for enterprises and individuals since April 21, according to the country’s official media Wiener Zeitung.

It is reported that the Austrian government has invested an unprecedented €240 million as subsidies for photovoltaic equipment and power storage.

The installed capacity of photovoltaic equipment in Austria in 2020 and 2021 has reached 350 MW and 450 MW respectively, which is expected to exceed 1 GW under the promotion of subsidies this year, said chairman of solar energy association PV Austria.

Although the supply chain is blocked due to geopolitical conflict, and the solar industry is facing the shortage of chips and skilled workers, the positive still outweighs the negative. The high energy prices have increased the demand for photovoltaic equipment sixfold, and such suppliers are inclined to focus more on European market.

This year, in addition to solar equipment for enterprise and individual, a total of €60 million will be invested in small and medium-sized power plants, and the funding for biomass energy, hydropower and wind power will also be further promoted during the year.

The Austrian Ministry of Climate Action and Energy has been working on a regulation to provide market premium subsidies for power storage in the autumn, who is also preparing a draft law to ban the use of gas-fired heating systems in new buildings as early as n


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