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JA Solar awarded Top Brand PV MENA by EuPD Research

JA Solar has been awarded Top Brand PV MENA 2023 by energy research institute EuPD Research at World Future Energy Summit 2023 (WFES) in Abu Dhabi.

JA Solar awarded Top Brand PV MENA by EuPD Research--Solarbe Global

It is the third consecutive year that JA Solar has received the award, which is one of the most prestigious awards in the global PV industry.

At the event, JA Solar showcased its DeepBlue 3.0, DeepBlue 3.0 Pro and DeepBlue 4.0 X products, attracting a lot of attention.

The Middle East (ME) region has the natural advantages of developing solar power due to its abundant sunlight resources, while its natural environments means there are strict requirements on the quality and performance of modules.

Integrating high power, high efficiency, high power generation capacity and high reliability, JA Solar’s DeepBlue series modules is believed to create more value for customers, with its shipments ranking among the top of the industry in several countries of the ME region, said JA Solar.

In recent years, JA Solar has been recognized as the “Top Brand PV” by the EuPD Research in several markets in Europe, including Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Netherlands, and Switzerland, and beyond in countries such as Mexico, Chile, Australia, and Vietnam.

Its products continue to be well received and praised by users around the world.


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