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SOFAR launches 100-125kW C&I PV solutions globally at WFES 2023

SOFAR, the global leading supplier of PV and energy storage solutions, officially launches the brand-new inverter globally – SOFAR 100-125KTL-G4 at World Future Energy Summit.

Optimized for C&I and small-scale utility solar, SOFAR unveiled its latest string inverter solution 100-125KTL-G4, which features the integration of industry-leading ultra-high current, easy installation, and intelligent protection. The product characterizes 10*40A multiple MPPTs plus ultra-high current, perfectly compatible with high-power modules and various roof designs, ensuring lower LCOE and higher yields. Weighing less than 75kg, the inverter is easy to install without extra labor costs. Meanwhile, the cloud monitoring platform makes it possible for hassle-free O&M. The inverter is also available for AFCI and I-V curve scanning, and has IP65 protection along with C5 anti-corrosion, which is resilient to harsh conditions in MEA.

Apart from the new product launch, SOFAR are also showcasing various utility and energy storage solutions among which 255KTL-HV-TRO is highlighted. Specifically designed for ground utility projects, the product features PID recovery and IP66 protection with maximum efficiency of up to 99.02%, aiming to realize low O&M costs, stable performance, and maximized system efficiency. The SOFAR 255kW inverter has won a total order of over 1GW for utility-scale PV in China in 2022.

After the debut of 100-125KTL-G4, SOFAR signed a total of 510MW distribution aagreementswith Noon Energy, Almajd, Nanosun, and Beacon.

“MEA is one of the most attractive markets in the renewable energy industry. SOFAR believes that this year will witness a steady growth in MEA’s PV market. SOFAR will be dedicated to continuous technology innovation and providing the most competitive solutions for customers in the future.” said Jesse Lau, Head of SOFAR Middle East & Africa.


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