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Jolywood’s n-type solar cells pass French Carbon Footprint Certification

Jolywood announced on Tuesday that its n-type TOPCon 182*182mm solar cells have successfully secured the French Carbon Footprint Certification (LCA).

The LCA, managed by the French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), involves meticulous tracking of raw material procurement, production, transportation, and emissions to ensure effective evaluation.

Jolywood, known for its adoption of the n-type TOPCon solar cell technology, offers solar cell products in various sizes, including square cells measuring 182mmx182mm, 182.2mmx182.2mm, 210mmx210mm, and rectangular cells like 182.2mmx191.6mm and 182.2mmx183.75mm.

As of September 2023, Jolywood’s 16 GW monocrystalline solar cell intelligent factory’s Phase 1, with 8 GW capacity, has commenced production, and Phase 2, another 8 GW, is progressing systematically.

During the certification process, Jolywood’s solar cell facility successfully met the verification standards through low-carbon, low-emission production practices.

The quantification of the carbon footprint of the n-type TOPCon 182mm*182mm square solar cells demonstrated effective control of greenhouse gas emissions throughout their lifecycle.


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