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Latest advances on heterojunction, tandem

Huasun to locate 5 GW of heterojunction cell module production in Hefei

Heterojunction black horse Huasun has signed a cooperation agreement with Feixi County Government of Anhui Province on January 14 on the construction of 5 GW of high efficiency heterojunction solar cell module production base.

The project is the third production base that Huasun has built outside its headquarters in Xuancheng. With an area of 27 hectares and total investment of about RMB 5 billion yuan, the plant is set to reach the capacity of 5 GW, mainly producing bifacial microcrystalline high efficiency heterojunction cells modules. It is expected to achieve an annual output value of RMB 7 billion yuan.

Boamax to produce 6 GW of heterojunction cell, high-end equipment

New energy integrated service provider Jiangsu Boamax Technologies Group Co., Ltd recently has reached cooperation with Huaiyuan County’s government of Anhui Province to produce 6 GW of high efficiency heterojunction solar cells and related high-end equipment to develop new energy and high-end intelligent manufacturing industry.

The project was invested with about RMB 5.5 billion, of which RMB 4 billion was fixed assets. The construction will be implemented in two phases.

French CEA-INES unveils 565W heterojunction solar module with low carbon footprint

Researchers at the National Institute for Solar Energy (INES), a division of the French Alternative Energy and Atomic Energy Commission, have developed a heterojunction solar module for residential use based on eco-design principles. The demonstration module has a power output of 556W with an average efficiency of 22.9%. The module is designed with no clearance. The heterojunction cells are manufactured on CEA’s pilot production line in INES, with innovative technology that limits indium and silver consumption.


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