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Risen Energy inks 1 GW heterojunction module supply deal

Risen Energy, a major producer of heterojunction (HJT) solar modules, has secured a supply agreement with Athein Holding Pte Ltd, an independent power producer (IPP) platform company based in Singapore. Under the deal, Risen Energy will provide up to 1 GWp of HJT solar modules to Athein Holding.

Signing ceremony between Risen Energy and Athein Holding. Image: Risen Energy
Signing ceremony between Risen Energy and Athein Holding. Image: Risen Energy

Athein Holding, as an IPP platform company, plays a crucial role in promoting renewable energy infrastructure development in Southeast Asia and India.

The collaboration between Risen Energy and Athein Holding aims to support Athein Holding’s objective of acquiring, developing, building, and operating utility-scale and rooftop solar projects in these regions. Risen Energy’s HJT modules are expected to meet Athein Holding’s specific requirements while contributing to their expansion plans.

HJT technology is widely recognized as the next-generation solar photovoltaic (PV) technology due to its superior performance compared to traditional PV modules. With its high efficiency and low degradation characteristics, HJT technology represents a significant advancement in the field.

Both Risen Energy and Athein Holding have expressed satisfaction with the partnership.

Milan Koev, the CEO of Athein Holding, highlighted the significance of the collaboration, emphasizing how Risen Energy’s HJT modules expand the possibilities of meeting the growing global demand for clean energy solutions.

B.V. Chaudary, the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Risen Energy, expressed confidence in the quality and reliability of their HJT modules, believing they will contribute to Athein Holding’s renewable energy goals.

In February, Risen Energy achieved noteworthy results with its Hyper-ion HJT series modules, reaching a power output of 741.456 W and a conversion efficiency of 23.89%. This showcases Risen Energy’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of solar technology and delivering exceptional products.

The recent deal with Athein Holding follows Risen Energy’s successful agreement with Australian OSW during Intersolar Europe, where they secured a contract to supply 1 GW of their HJT Hyper-ion modules.


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