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Risen Energy breaks world record for HJT module power and efficiency

Risen Energy announced that its Hyper-ion HJT series modules have achieved a world-record power of 741.456 W and a conversion efficiency of 23.89%. This marks the highest power and efficiency ever recorded for HJT modules. The result has been certified by third-party testing agency TÜV SÜD.

Risen Energy breaks world record for HJT module power and efficiency | Solarbe Global

The efficiency has broken the company’s 23.65% record in December 2021.

As a pioneer in HJT module manufacturing, Risen Energy has invested heavily in the R&D of HJT technology for many years. They have repeatedly broken the world record for HJT module efficiency and are making great strides in HJT product development.

The Hyper-ion module series, launched in 2022, boast an impressive conversion efficiency of up to 23.89%. It also has a highly stable temperature coefficient and a bifaciality of 85%±10%.

Incorporating industry-leading 100μm ultra-thin cell technology and a low-temperature process, its carbon footprint value (CFP) can be lower than 400kg eq CO2/kWc.

Liu Yafeng, Senior Director of Risen Energy Module R&D, stated that their latest product, the Hyper-ion series, has “four highs and four lows”: high power, high power generation, high conversion efficiency, and high reliability; as well as low degradation, low temperature coefficient, low carbon footprint, and low LCOE.

He added that, Risen Energy will continue to enhance PV technology and products, aiding customers in reaching their low-carbon goals and propelling the entire society into the carbon-neutral era.

At the end of December 2022, Risen Energy announced the start of mass production of its Hyper-ion series modules. The company plans to reach a production capacity of 5 GW in the first half of 2023 and 15 GW in the second half.


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