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Solis’ solar solutions help Thailand’s growing PV market

Renewable Energy Asia 2022 was a grand event held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center from September 14th to 16th in Bangkok, Thailand. Solis made a wonderful appearance with the company’s hybrid inverter series products and intelligent photovoltaic solutions, providing professional solutions for low-carbon development in Thailand. For visitors to the show, it was a great window into a future where solar power could make an impact like never before on their lives and the environment around them.

Thailand, which is rich in sunlight resources, has an excellent foundation for solar energy development. The annual installed solar PV capacity in Thailand is expected to reach approximately 900 MW in 2022 according to some research firms, and Thailand’s installed photovoltaic capacity is expected to reach 15.6GW by 2037.

Aiming at the promptly developing photovoltaic market in Thailand, Solis brought its range of intelligent photovoltaic solutions to the show this time. Solis exhibited its mature and intelligent grid-tied inverters in the form of S5-GR3P(5-20)K, S5-GC(100-125)K and Solis-(215-255)K-EHV-5G. The cynosure of all eyes was the Solis-(215-255)K-EHV-5G, which has a max. efficiency of 99%, >150% DC/AC ratio, supports compatibility with high power and bifacial modules, and offers an anti-PID function to improve system efficiency, which is convenient, reliable, cost-effective and labor saving in realizing “one-key operation” throughout the process.

With ongoing energy price rises, energy storage is a vital element within the solar mix for Thailand. Solis presented the energy storage inverters S5-EH1P(3-6)K-L and S5-EO1P(4-5)K-48 with high reliability, low losses and fast response time, providing product support to compensate for unstable grid solutions and poor households.

Tim Xue, Solis Business Development Manager, said, ‘With the great potential that the Thai market offers, I hope that the green footprint of Solis can flourish on it. Solis is always committed to fulfill the needs of market and customers, and will continue to ensure every effort is made to deliver greener scenarios.’

Success In Thailand will compliment Solis’s vision of “developing technology to power the world with clean energy”, winning the recognition of our partners with quality products and services. Thailand, with its popularity as a tourist destination known for its clean and green environment, has one of the strongest reasons to protect its environment by shifting to green solar power. Solis looks forward to its own role in this pursuit.


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