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[Event] 2nd International Integrated-PV Workshop

Based on the highly successful 1st  IPV Workshop in 2022, the 2nd edition will focus on latest innovations that will help shaping this new but fast-growing segment within the solar PV industry. Technologies include Building-integrated PV (BIPV), Floating PV, Agrivoltaics, and Vehicle-integrated PV (VIPV).

1st International Integrated-PV Workshop closed with fruitful sharing- IPV Day 1

On April 7th, the first day of discussions for the First International Integrated-PV Workshop kicked off online. The two-day event was organized by Forschungszentrum...

[Webinar] Next frontier in solar PV: Integrated-PV (IPV)

To achieve carbon neutrality, the future of our electricity supply will see a massive increase in solar power generation, which will contribute around 50%...

Latest news

Shuangliang starts building 50 GW of monocrystalline silicon project

The commencement activity of Shuangliang Phase III 50 GW monocrystalline silicon project was held in the Xitu High-tech Zone, Inner Mongolia’s Baotou City on...

Main application, prospect of carbon neutralization technologies

The Ministry of Science and Technology recently organized the first meeting of the National Carbon Neutralization Technology Expert Committee in Beijing to assess the...

N-type TOPCon will take 54% of market share in 2025

The n-type TOPCon technology has shown prominent advantages, and will cover a market share of 25% this year, said Li Bingzhi, Senior Manager of...
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