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P-type module prices drop, tender reveals risks

The market for solar module prices is experiencing turbulence, especially with p-type modules witnessing a significant drop. Despite widespread speculation of price hikes, recent...

9 GW tender hints at potential rise in module prices

Shenran Clean Energy's recent announcement of bidding prices has sparked discussions within the solar industry. Many are questioning whether the rise in bid prices,...

Tender results show potential rise in module prices

On March 11th, Shenzhen Shenran Clean Energy opened bidding for a bulk purchase of PV modules, indicating possible changes in the solar market. The bidding,...

Solar module prices dip again, signaling market volatility

In the wake of a brief price increase, solar module costs are once again trending downward, indicating a renewed decline in China's tender market. Recent...

Why solar installation exceeds expectation in off-season?

In 2022, due to the impact of the pandemic and the high price of silicon materials, the domestic demand for solar installation was suppressed....

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