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Trina Solar rolls off 210 mm mono ingot in Vietnam factory

Trina Solar has achieved a significant milestone in its overseas production capabilities. The company successfully rolled off its first batch of 210 mm mono ingots at its factory in Vietnam on August 4th.

Trina Solar rolls off 210 mm mono ingot in Vietnam factory

This accomplishment is expected to strengthen Trina Solar’s supply chain for module manufacturing abroad and ensure the smooth delivery of products to customers worldwide.

The production process commenced at 8:30 am on August 4th when raw materials were loaded into the monocrystalline silicon furnace. The first 12-inch mono ingot emerged from the furnace, showcasing an efficient production process with precise control over ingot diameter and exceptional electrical performance that surpasses industry standards.

Trina Solar’s facility in Vietnam serves as a crucial overseas industrial base with a mono wafer capacity of 6.5 GW. The wafers manufactured in this facility are primarily utilized for module production at Trina Solar’s facilities in Vietnam and Thailand.

The modules produced at Trina Solar’s overseas production bases, particularly the Vertex series and Vertex n-type series modules, cater to the increasing demand for high-power, high-efficiency, reliable, and cost-effective solar modules in international markets.

The successful roll-off of the 210 mm mono ingot at the Vietnam facility further strengthens Trina Solar’s ability to offer competitive products and secure the supply of essential materials required for module production.

In line with its commitment to creating greater value for customers and leading the development of n-type technology, Trina Solar is actively building an integrated ecosystem both domestically in China and internationally.

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