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Trina Solar unveils 210mm solar wafer production in Vietnam

Trina Solar has expanded its global presence by initiating the production of 210mm mono silicon wafers in Vietnam. The commencement of production took place at the company’s factory situated in the city of Thai Nguyen, located 80 kilometers north of Hanoi, on August 23rd.

Trina Solar unveils 210mm solar wafer production in Vietnam
The first wafers rolled of the production line in Trina Solar Vietnam factory.

This new manufacturing facility is projected to have an annual wafer production capacity of 6.5 GW, further enhancing Trina Solar’s capability to distribute its offerings on a worldwide scale.

The decision to commence production was finalized on July 31, with the initial 12-inch mono ingot being produced on August 4, hinting at the imminent wafer production.

Apart from the factory’s sizeable wafer production capacity, it also possesses a cell capacity of 4 GW and a module capacity of 5 GW. The factory’s operations include processes such as monocrystalline pulling, ingot processing, slicing, and silicon processing.

The produced wafers are primarily designated for use in cell and module production at Trina Solar’s facilities in Vietnam and Thailand, including supply to the U.S. market.

Trina Solar’s Vertex modules, manufactured outside China, address the surging global demand for PV modules characterized by high power, efficiency, reliability, energy yield, and low levelized cost of electricity (LCOE). By producing ingots and wafers in its Vietnamese factory, the company ensures a consistent supply of materials for its module production sites across different countries.

Aligned with its goal of becoming a leader in intelligent solar energy solutions worldwide, Trina Solar is not only focusing on enhancing product competitiveness but also contributing to employment opportunities. The Thai Nguyen wafer factory has provided jobs for around 700 local individuals.

The company’s commitment extends to principles of sustainable development, as it endeavors to establish a cohesive industrial ecosystem both in China and internationally.

Concurrently, Trina Solar has initiated the production of 210mm n-type i-TOPCon cells in China’s Qinghai province, aiming to integrate the entire process of its Qinghai factory and expedite the establishment of a comprehensive n-type industrial framework.

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