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Zonergy Europe teams up with Photonax, Maysun Solar in Hungary to explore Central European market

ZONERGY EUROPE SRL on Tuesday has signed cooperation agreements with Hungarian companies Photonax and MAYSUN SOLAR, which will be responsible for the distribution of Zonergy’s products in Central and Eastern Europe.

Zonergy Europe teams up with Photonax, Maysun Solar in Hungary to explore Central European market
The signing ceremony between Zonergy Europe and Photonax, Maysun Solar

As an inland country in Central Europe, Hungary enjoys 2000 hours of average annual sunshine duration, which provides the country with huge market potential in solar photovoltaic power generation.

Hungary has witnessed a booming solar photovoltaic power generation market since 2017 when Hungarian government amended the subsidy mechanism for solar photovoltaic power generation.

As a result, it has become one of the top ten solar photovoltaic power generation markets in Europe.

Photonax and MAYSUN SOLAR, two senior Hungarian companies, have broad market foundation and industrial experience. They will become Zonergy’s distributors after signing the agreements, which will further reinforce Zonergy’s strength in marketing, after-sales service and maintenance in Hungary as well as Central and Eastern European markets.

Guo Jun, Executive Director and President of Zonergy, gave an address at the signing ceremony.

Mr. Guo Jun interviewed by media

Zonergy which has always adhered to the business philosophy of opening-up, cooperation, coexistence and sharing attaches importance to cooperation with local enterprises.

After entering into European market, the company has been concentrating on selling the solar photovoltaic energy storage and power generation products that Zonergy researches and manufactures independently, with a focus on selecting local distributors and giving full play to their roles in marketing work.

Photonax, a well-known Hungarian enterprise in solar photovoltaic power generation, owns favorable distribution channels and customer resources. Moreover, it is optimistic and passionate about solar photovoltaic energy storage and power generation sector.

MAYSUN SOLAR, a senior Hungarian market player, is very experienced in solar photovoltaic power generation. It’s of great significance for us to reach strategic cooperation with them. Zonergy will, through sincere cooperation, make concerned efforts to forge ahead.

Therefore, the company will be bound to usher in a new chapter in its development of Central and Eastern European markets, thus creating a new role model of win-win cooperation between enterprises.


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