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Arctech secures first order in Lithuania

Arctech said it has secured its first order in Lithuania to supply about 79 MW of SkyLine solar tracking system to a project in Kretinga.

For a long time, Lithuania has been a net importer of electricity. To improve domestic power generation capacity, the Lithuanian government issued the National Energy Independence Strategy, aiming to replace electricity imports by local electricity generation.

It is planned that in 2030, electricity generation in Lithuania will account for 70% of total final electricity consumption, and 100% in 2050. Developing renewable energy represented by solar is one of the major strategies to reach this goal.

According to SolarPower Europe’s report, the newly installed capacity of solar power in the 27 EU countries was 41.4 GW in 2022, up 47% year-on-year. The report believes that the PV market in the EU will maintain the growth momentum in the coming years. It is estimated that the newly installed capacity in 2023 will reach 68 GW, and that in 2026 will be close to 119 GW.

Europe has always been one of Arctech’s major markets. After setting foot in the continent in 2013, Arctech has been providing customers with high-quality services, products and solutions.

The SkyLine tracking system supplied to the Lithuanian project is one of the company’s flagship products, which boasts high stability, strong adaptability, and low installation cost.

SkyLine is equipped with an artificial intelligence (AI) control box, which can effectively reduce shading problems of modules, increasing power generation of the solar farm, said Arctech.


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