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Sebrina Fichtner


Jinergy HJT technology cost reduction under orderly development

With the continuous development of the photovoltaic industry and the acceleration of the process of affordable grid connection, photovoltaic enterprises are facing the severe...

Optech cooperates with JA Solar again in 3.2GW project in Shanghai and workshop renovation project in Hefei

JA Solar and Optech recently have reached an agreement that Optech will provide module El testing equipment for JA Solar’s 3.2GW project in Shanghai...

Optech completes training for equipment personnel from Jiaxing LONGi

In order to better serve the end users, the technical engineers of Optech conducted a six-day technical training for the commissioning of production equipment...

Alliance update: 18 new members, accelerating mass production of 600W+ ultra-high power and high-efficiency module

There has been remarkable progress in 600W+ related technological innovation and supply chain optimization since the 600W+ Open Innovation Ecological Alliance was established on...

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