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LONGi reclaims top spot in shipment ranking for Q1-Q3 2022

Solar manufacturer LONGi has returned to the top spot in global shipment ranking, with over 30 GW shipped in the first three quarters of 2022.

LONGi is closely followed by Trina Solar (28.79 GW), JinkoSolar (28.5 GW) and JA Solar (27.1 GW).

The total shipment volume of the four manufacturers from Q1 to Q3 has exceeded 114 GW, occupying more than 65 percent of the market share globally.

Solarbe noted that the shipments of most listed manufacturers in the first three quarters have exceeded their total shipment volume in 2021. They have been active in large project tenders both in China and overseas.

LONGi targets 50-60 GW of total module shipment in 2022, while the targets of Trina Solar, JinkoSolar and JA Solar have exceeded 40 GW.

BloombergNEF predicted that more than 200 GW of solar will be installed this year. This means the top four manufacturers will supply over two thirds of the global solar module demand if these targets are met, further consolidating their leading positions.

Solarbe also noted that some manufacturers that have not been listed have made big strides in production expansion. With growing presence in domesic and international tenders, they are expected to capture more market share in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The shipment ranking has been compiled by Solarbe based on the manufacturers’ financial reports, investor briefings, tenders, surveys and visits.

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