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Top 20 solar PV module suppliers revealed for H1 2023

Jinko Solar, Trina Solar, LONGi and JA Solar remain the top four solar module suppliers by shipment volume in the first half of 2023, according to the shipment ranking released by Solarbe on Monday.

Top 20 solar PV module suppliers revealed for H1 2023
Chart: Solarbe Global
Note: The data is compiled by Solarbe based on public data and visits. In case of any discrepancy with the actual data, the announcement of the listed company shall prevail.

The combined shipment volume of the top four brands exceeded 108 GW, accounting for approximately 55% of the total market share.

The accumulated shipment volume of the top 10 brands surpassed 168 GW, representing nearly 85% of the market share.

The ranking indicates a slight decrease in market share for both first-tier and second-tier brands compared to previous assessments. Analysts attribute this shift to integrated enterprises and second-tier brands offering early discounts to secure orders and gain a larger market share amidst declining industry prices.

The data collected for the top 20 solar PV module manufactuerers are estimated based on research of tender information, supply contracts and visits of suppliers. However, Solarbe plans to update the rankings after the release of semi-annual reports by listed companies in late August.

Based on Solarbe’s analysis and data shared by relevant companies, prominent manufacturers such as Trina Solar, TW Solar, LONGi, JA Solar, JinkoSolar, and GCL System Integration secured significant orders through state-owned enterprise tenders.

Additionally, companies like DAS Solar, Astronergy, and Suntech achieved noteworthy results. Moreover, Risen Energy, DAH Solar, and ZNShine Solar actively expanded their presence in overseas markets, with over 60% of their sales originating from international markets, thereby ensuring stability in their overall performance and profits.

Significantly, n-type modules have emerged as the preferred choice for an increasing number of customers.

In tenders conducted by China’s state-owned enterprises, the proportion of n-type modules has exceeded 40%, with some even reaching 50%.

Data provided by companies reveals that the shipment volumes of n-type modules from Jinko Solar, Astronergy and DAS Solar in the first half of this year were all above 40%. Apart from these companies, Eging PV, DAH Solar and Suntech have set targets of more than 45% for n-type module shipments this year.

Solarbe predicts that the annual PV module shipment rankings for this year will feature a relatively stable top four group, with a threshold surpassing 60 GW. The data for the fifth to eighth positions will be closely contested, and it is highly likely that some companies will accelerate their efforts in the second half of the year to secure higher rankings.

The competition for the top 10 spots may witness multiple companies vying for positions, placing greater emphasis on cost control, business capabilities, and bidding analysis for the participating enterprises.


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