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Growatt Sets a New Record with 19 ‘Top Brand PV Inverter’ Seals Awarded by EUPD Research


International market research company EUPD Research has awarded Growatt 19 ‘Top Brand PV Inverter’ seals, recognizing its preeminent brand position across global markets.

Growatt receives 19 ‘Top Brand PV Inverter’ awards from EUPD Research for achieving outstanding performance in terms of reliability, market penetration, brand awareness and satisfaction across global solar markets. According to EUPD Research’s surveys and analyses, Growatt establishes itself as a best-rated brand among solar installers across Europe, Latin America, Asia and South Africa. In particular, the company strengthens its leading position in top solar markets including Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Scandinavia, Australia, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, India, Vietnam and more.

“We are very much honored to be chosen and recognized by millions of customers around the world. Thanks to our robust global distribution and service network, we are able to provide clear and convenient access to our advanced and reliable PV solutions for global customers, helping millions of customers transition to clean power supply and cut their electricity bills,” said Lisa Zhang, global marketing director at Growatt.

Against the background of increasing global demand for solar energy in recent years, Growatt has quickly expanded its network across the world. Today, the company is already the world’s No.1 residential inverter supplier and also ranks among the global top 5 commercial inverter suppliers according to IHS Markit. By the year 2021, Growatt has shipped over 3.8 million inverters and accumulated more than 40 GW installations across more than 150 countries and regions.

“With over a decade of experience, our R&D team has brought new upgrades and innovations in the energy efficiency, functional safety and intelligent solutions of our new generation inverters,” Zhang added. Growatt’s new generation inverter X series features a sleek design, high yields, and easy yet powerful O&M functions. Its battery ready inverter MIN 2500-6000TL-XH has carried off ‘pv magazine award’, and the commercial inverter MAX series has won ‘All Quality Matters’ award by TÜV Rheinland for achieving first-rate performance in numerous safety and reliability tests. “Our commitment to high product quality and technological innovations is one of the reasons why our PV solutions are favored by global customers,” Zhang concluded.


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