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Huansheng Solar recognized for module reliability


Large-size module maker representative Huansheng Solar was entitled with the Best Reliability Award for its excellent performance under mild weather condition and distributed application at Solarbe Test held on March 10 in Foshan, Guangdong Province.

The Reliability Award focuses on reliability and cost reduction, with fine design management and avoiding excessive design as the core, to test the reliability of modules in four typical weather conditions including xerothermic, damp, cold and mild circumstances as well as distributed application scenarios.

The mild climate represented by East China, which has the most potential for China's photovoltaic industry, has higher humidity compared with the dry and hot climate and greater diurnal temperature difference compared with the humid and hot climate, which tests the weather resistance of solar modules in many aspects. Compared with the damp heat and thermal cycle test in IEC 61215, Solarbe reliability test adopts the extended cycle test, which can better reflect the long-term outdoor reliable performance of modules. The outstanding performance of Huansheng’s modules in this test fully demonstrates the high reliability in its life cycle.


Distributed project is one of the most potential application scenarios. Modules used in distributed applications are often accompanied by more severe high-temperature conditions, which test its high-temperature resistance. Referring to IEC TS 63126, Solarbe rooftop test sequence integrates tightened thermal cycle and stricter damp heat test, which fully verifies the reliability of Huansheng’s products applied in distributed scenes under high temperature conditions.

As the world's leading professional supplier of high-efficiency shingled modules, Huansheng has been adhering to differentiated technology route, focusing on the research and development of high-efficiency shingled technology and the manufacturing of modules, and continuously developing more competitive products with higher power, efficiency and reliability.

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