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Polysilicon prices hold steady with potential rises

Recent data from China’s Silicon Branch indicates stable prices for solar-grade polysilicon. Here’s a quick look at the transaction prices as of February 21.

Polysilicon MaterialPrice Range (CNY/kg)Average Price (CNY/kg)Average Price (USD/kg)Weekly Change
N-type Material¥71 – ¥73¥71.9$9.990.0%
N-type Granular Silicon¥60 – ¥63¥61.0$8.480.0%
Mono Recharge¥60 – ¥66¥61.8$8.590.0%
Mono Dense¥58 – ¥64¥59.3$8.240.0%
Mono Popcorn¥55 – ¥61¥55.3$7.690.0%
Source: China Silicon Branch; Chart: Solarbe Global

Compared to January 31, average polysilicon prices have held steady, but the transaction range has narrowed, hinting at potential increases ahead.

Insights from Solarbe reveal that major players maintained production during the Chinese New Year holiday, with smaller companies gradually resuming operations and negotiating new orders. Market activity remains cautious but stable.

As new n-type production capacity ramps up, downstream demand for high-quality n-type materials continues. This situation suggests a possible rise in high-quality polysilicon prices soon.

Looking at silicon wafers and cells, prices are stable this week. With increased demand for high-efficiency p-type products post-holiday, there’s short-term support expected. However, insiders note a growing inventory of silicon wafers during the holiday, raising concerns about potential oversupply risks.

Module prices remain stable post-holiday, with some manufacturers gearing up for increased production in March. Future price shifts will hinge on the pace of demand growth.


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