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Sungrow and Solis win bid for 1GW inverter deal

China Datang Corporation (CDT) has selected Sungrow and Solis for its 1GW solar inverter project from 2023 to 2024. This announcement follows the unveiling of the bid results for the third section of the framework.

The 2023-2024 PV inverter framework by CDT comprises three sections, covering string inverters, central inverters, and string inverters for distributed systems, totaling 11GW in capacity.

As winners of section 3, Sungrow and Solis will supply string inverters for distributed applications to meet the estimated 1000MW demand, with the contract valid until June 30, 2024, extendable by three months.

In earlier updates, Shanghai Youzhi New Energy, Sungrow, Zhuzhou Converter, Sineng Electric and TBEA secured contracts for sections one and two.


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