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Sungrow to deliver 13 microgrid projects in Lebanon with C&I ESS

Inverter and energy storage solutions provider Sungrow is delivering 13 microgrid projects in Lebanon with the company’s C&I energy storage system, the ST129CP-50HV.

Sungrow to deliver 13 microgrid projects in Lebanon with C&I ESS
Sungrow’s Flagship C&I ESS Applied in Lebanon’s Micro-grid Projects

Their commissioning is believed to overcome the electricity shortages caused by weak and insufficient city utilities and reduce traditional diesel generators’ CO2 emissions, said Sungrow.

The electricity crisis in Lebanon continues to escalate. As Lebanon depends on diesel generators to meet the national electricity demand, this country is contracting the power supply due to the rising costs of fossil fuels. The energy issue cripples Lebanon’s economic development and paralyzes its citizens’ normal lives. The Lebanese are experiencing regular and more frequent power outages that can last for as much as 22 hours. Such an urgent situation stimulates the need for renewable energy installations.

The microgrid project combing both PV and energy storage systems offers great potential to solve the energy issues; therefore, explaining why 13 EPCs in Lebanon decided to build more microgrid BESS plants. Sungrow provided them with its ESS solution, the ST129CP-50HV series. This solution is highly-integrated with both Power Conversion System and batteries, saving space and streamlining the installation process. The modular design also enables a more flexible configuration of batteries so that customers can choose the best-fit one for their needs. The plug & play battery system can power up the loads during peak times without consuming pricy electricity from the grid and will minimize the power shortages caused by insufficient utilities.

These cases exemplify that the microgrid can power daily operations and may attract other businesses to install renewable energy-supported facilities. Their successful delivery also shed light on mitigating the national power shortage situation with PV and storage capacities with PV plus battery solutions. More importantly, since Lebanon also faces critical environmental issues caused by burning a tremendous amount of fossil fuels, shifting to renewable sources is a feasible way to reduce pollution.   

 “Sungrow’s ESS solutions supplied in this microgrid provide a 24-hour supply for these Projects and make it independent from pollutive diesel generation. This leads the company and even other businesses in this country towards low-carbon development,” said Alvin Shi, Managing Director of Sungrow MENA Region, “Lebanon is a perfect place to install solar projects with over 300 sunshine days per year, a potential market to decentralize its electricity supply with more innovative solutions. Sungrow is poised to contribute to its transition journey with our comprehensive solar plus storage solutions in the future, he added.


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