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What is the difference between PERC and TOPcon solar cells in photovoltaics?

The article contrasts PERC and TOPcon solar cells in photovoltaics, highlighting their technical, structural, manufacturing, and performance differences. While PERC enhances light absorption and electron collection, Topcon offers higher efficiency potential due to its innovative electron collection mechanism. Continuous advancements in these technologies hold promise for increased energy utilization and global sustainable development.

TOPCon cells capacity may reach 518GW in 2023, 117GW for heterojunction

Though P-type technology is still current mainstream of the photovoltaic industry, which has simple manufacturing processes and lower costs, there is no much space...

N-type TOPCon will take 54% of market share in 2025

The n-type TOPCon technology has shown prominent advantages, and will cover a market share of 25% this year, said Li Bingzhi, Senior Manager of...

Tongwei drops PERC cell price, the first time in 2022

Tongwei Solar on Tuesday cut the price of mono PERC solar cells by up to 20.30%, another major price reduction since the slash in...

DMEGC brings PERC solar cell efficiency to 24.01%

Chinese hard ferrite magnets manufacturer Hengdian Group DMEGC Magnetics Co., Ltd (DMEGC), also a solar cell and module producer, recently has brought the conversion...

PERC likely to remain market leader over the next three years

In the early 2010s, passive emitter rear cell (PERC) technology, as a high-efficiency cell technology at the time, quickly replaced the conventional back surface...

Fraunhofer develops solutions to make PERC cells from 100% recycled silicon

Researchers from the Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics CSP and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE together with the largest German recycling...

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