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Trina Solar refreshes i-TOPCon cell efficiency by 25.5%


Leading solar module manufacturer Trina Solar announced their new maximum efficiency of 25.5% on 210*210mm i-TOPCon cell on Thursday, setting another world record.

The result was certified by National Institute of Metrology of China, the highest metrology scientific research center and national legal metrology technical institution.


Image: State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology of Trina Solar

At the State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology of the company, researchers of Trina Solar solved technical problems of selective boron emitter, large-area tunneling silicon oxide and doped polysilicon preparation, and high-efficiency hydrogen passivation. By using mass production cell equipment, they’ve brought the maximum efficiency of large-size 210mm n-type monocrystalline cell to 25.5%.


Image: Researchers of Trina Solar conduct solar cell experiment

"We are truly proud to announce this latest achievements of our technical team," said Dr. Chen Yifeng, head of Trina Solar Technology Engineering Center, "Our technology team has always committed to cutting-edge technology research and development, and quickly introduce innovative achievements into production and manufacturing to maintain the leading performance of efficient products."

The certification of the achievement has the guiding significance for the production of the company's 210mm n-type TOPCon high efficiency cell project with an annual output of 8 GW in Suqian, as well as a positive impact on the follow-up development in the high-end market, said the company.


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