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7 Chinese solar enterprises crowned at Solarbe Test

Solarbe recently held its annual regional industry gathering, the 9th Guangdong Photovoltaic Forum on March 10-11 in Foshan, Guangdong Province, and revealed the corresponding winners of Solarbe Test, which the organizer launched during its annual recognition event Solarbe Awards in 2021.

Solarbe Awards selection was launched in 2013, aiming to commend outstanding industrial contributors. For the past decade, we have witnessed the development and the highest achievements in the industry. Held annually, the Solarbe Award is highly recognized as a platform to celebrate exceptional talents, enterprises, products and projects.

Different from Solarbe Awards, Solarbe Test was initiated by Solarbe together with its partner China General Certification Center (CGC). In addition to market value of enterprise, the awards focus more on product quality and practical performance.

Solarbe Test involves random inspection of performance and reliability on module products under four typical climate/application scenarios. By taking data as the core evaluation standard, we try to promote "optimal matching between products and applications".

Solarbe Test includes two categories. The Reliability Award focuses on reliability and cost reduction, with fine design management and avoiding excessive design as the core, to test the reliability of modules in four typical weather conditions including xerothermic, damp, cold and mild circumstances as well as distributed application scenarios.

The Performance Award aims at performance and efficiency improvement. Through lab power generation performance test including lid initial attenuation, STC power, bifacial rate, low irradiance performance and temperature coefficient etc, to examine power generation performance in the actual application environment.

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