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Forum on Climate Action for Business Sustainable Development

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27) will soon be held in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. As an annual conference held under the leadership of the United Nations to achieve the landmark goals of the Paris Agreement, it concerns the development of all human beings.

As the main means to reduce carbon emissions, countries have reached consensus on developing renewable energy. Among them, solar photovoltaic power generation, as the most promising energy, has begun to occupy more markets. The positioning and performance of photovoltaic enterprises will affect the development of the industry situation.

To establish an intelligent industrial chain, realize green manufacturing, innovate technology, and put forward more leading measures are the main ways for photovoltaic enterprises to achieve sustainable development and demonstrate social responsibility.

At 3:00-4:00 PM, Nov.7th, 2022 CET, JA Solar’s sharing at the Forum on Climate Action for Business Sustainable Development will be taking place.

Featuring guest speakers from JA Solar, China Energy Research Society, UNHCR and Solarbe, the webinar will focus on climate change issues and more actions to be seen from new energy enterprises.


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