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TOPCon cells capacity may reach 518GW in 2023, 117GW for heterojunction

Though P-type technology is still current mainstream of the photovoltaic industry, which has simple manufacturing processes and lower costs, there is no much space...

Market demand for 166-inch silicon wafers will drop sharply: TCL Zhonghuan

TCL Zhonghuan recently held a performance briefing for 2022, outlining the outlook for the silicon wafer market in 2023. The company stated that it is...

Carbon to set up factory for 8.5 GW solar cell module production

French solar products manufacturer Carbon recently decided to build a solar product factory in Fos-sur-Mer, France with €1.5 billion (about USD 1.6 billion), which...

Four major changes in 2022 could have profound impact on the solar industry

Solar PV companies in China have announced this month their third quarter financial results. The reports show that their business performance has maintained rapid growth. Besides...

China strives to speed up commercialization of advanced solar cell technologies

China has laid out plans to speed up the commercialization of TOPCon, heterojunction (HJT), IBC and other next generation silicon solar cells, as well...

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